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See a play. Visit the Farm. Learn about marine mammals. Check out this summery summary of the season's activities at UCSC.
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In Boston, young alumni are meeting for Happy Hour on June 24.

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In this issue: Budget cuts impact students...a family of Slugs...falcons take flight...UCSC's splendid summer destinations...and much more. For more campus news, visit UCSC's News & Events page.
Top Story

Budget cuts put squeeze on students

With the global economy reeling and the state budget in crisis, applications to UCSC's Financial Aid Office have been edging upward. [More]

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Also Featured

A family affair: UCSC graduates Moira and Dency Nelson tried to play it cool and hide their Banana Slug pride. Nevertheless, the Nelsons were "absolutely thrilled" when their daughter Charlie decided to go to UCSC. [More]

Fledglings' first flight: UCSC's Predatory Bird Research Group and a community of volunteers are watching as young peregrine falcons prepare to take their first flights in San Francisco and San Jose. [More]

Preserving our history: Friends of the Cowell Lime Works are working to preserve the cooperage--part of the historic district at the base of campus--which is being reinforced while a permanent restoration plan is developed. [More]

In the News

J Vidal-Madjar/IMCCE-CNRS
Colliding planets: Astronomer Greg Laughlin was interviewed on NPR's Science Friday and ABC Radio (Australia) about the possibility of collisions between Earth and the inner planets, and was quoted in news stories on this subject in the San Francisco Chronicle and a number of other media.

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