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UC Santa Cruz - July 2009 Newsletter

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Shakespeare Santa Cruz
August 30

Conference on Lime and Lime Kilns in California History, August 8-9

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Santa Monica Wine tasting at Pourtal

Talk by Professor Andrew Fisher

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In this issue: Fiscal crisis...campus-community collaboration...UCSC scientists recall Apollo 11 work...and much more. For more campus news, go to UCSC's News & Events center. We welcome your feedback.

Top story

Blumenthal: State 'fundamentally disinvesting in higher education'

The state financial crisis is threatening the twin qualities -- excellence and access -- that have defined the University of California as the world's leading public research university. UCSC faculty, students, and staff worry about the impact the state's financial meltdown is having on the campus. [More]

Read the latest UCSC budget news.

Also featured

New era of collaboration: One year after a historic agreement resolved longstanding conflicts over campus growth, participants agree that the settlement ushered in an era of cooperation in campus-community relations. [More]

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin setting up a reflective device on the moon

One small step for man: Forty years ago, Lick Observatory scientists teamed up with Apollo 11 astronauts to determine the distance from Earth to the moon with unprecedented accuracy. [More]

Chai Chang practices wood carving in Ghana

Study abroad awards: When Chia-Wei Chang studied in Ghana last fall, African artists taught her indigenous sculpture techniques. Chang is one of many UCSC students earning Gilman Scholarships to study abroad. [More]

In the news

 is providing analysis of events in Iran for numerous media outlets

Reporting on Iran: Alumna journalist and Honeymoon in Tehran author Azadeh Moaveni discussed recent events in Iran on Tom Ashbrook's On Point radio show and on ABC News’s Nightline . [More]

Dana Frank

Commenting on a coup: History professor Dana Frank was quoted in news outlets and blogs about early elections in Honduras after the recent coup. Frank also penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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