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This illustration represents a reconstruction of the steppe mammoths that preceded the woolly mammoth, based on genetic analysis of ancient mammoth DNA. (Illustration by Beth Zaiken/Centre for Palaeogenetics)

UC Santa Cruz professor Beth Shapiro is coauthor of a study that analyzed ancient DNA sequences recovered from mammoth teeth to reveal North American mammoths were descended from two earlier mammoth lineages.

Photo of Mariame Kaba
Prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba urged like-minded social activists to embrace the spirit of generosity, collective power, and mutual aid during the all-virtual 37th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Convocation.
Marine mammals such as sea lions (above) and elephant seals (below) live in an increasingly noisy ocean environment. (Photos by Dan Costa)

A global team of researchers has documented the pervasive impacts of noise on marine animals and ecosystems and identified actions to return tot he soundtrack of the healthy ocean.

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UCSC alumna Kirsten Howley studies near-Earth asteroids and how we might deflect one that threatens to impact the Earth.
 Laurie Garrett
Meet alumna Kirsten Howley, the real-life astrophysicist working to prevent "Armageddon."
Alumna and Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Laurie Garrett sounds urgency about the need for an all-out race to stay ahead of highly contagious COVID variants in the United States.

Many upcoming events, including those below, are being delivered virtually; check for latest updates

Portrait of Tommy Orange

Slugs and Steins: Back to school: What elementary schools need to consider in re-opening their doors

March 8, 6:30 p.m.


Save the date: Alumni Week
Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more information about our first virtual Alumni Week!

April 19–25, 2021






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The UCSC Alumni Council is a group of dedicated leaders who support the educational calling of UC Santa Cruz and help guide the university into the future. Alumni Councilors serve as the board of the UCSC Alumni Association. They collaborate with UCSC staff to support students' success, award annual scholarships, advise campus leadership on important issues, and connect 140,000 alumni through enriching programs.


Would you like to join the Council? We are accepting applications for new Alumni Councilors. Complete the Application Form to apply or recommend someone. the application closes March 30, 2021, 5 p.m. (PST).

Share your passion at Alumni Week!
Seeking Banana Slugs to share their passions and expertise with fellow Slugs during UCSC’s first virtual Alumni Week, April 19–25, 2021. Wherever you are, whatever your area of passion or knowledge, please consider leading an Alumni Week Banana Slug Share session. Lead a fun workshop on yoga, cooking, photography, painting, brewing, hula hooping, poetry, writing, financial management, writing, legal matters, healthcare, tech support, or whatever you enjoy or practice. If you are interested in offering a 30- to 90-minute Banana Slug Share session for fellow alumni, fill out this interest form by March 12, 2021.
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