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University of California, Santa Cruz
December 2016
Harry Noller
“Breakthrough” of a lifetime
Biologist Harry Noller wins the prestigious $3 million Breakthrough Prize for his discoveries about the ribosome, the tiny structure of the cell that Noller calls the “mothership of life.”
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crystal nelson
Photo opportunity
A doctoral student in the History of Art and Visual Culture program is bringing renowned photographer Pirkle Jones's personal archive to the public.
Cutaway of Pluto shows a section through the area of Sputnik Planitia, with dark blue representing a subsurface ocean and light blue for the frozen crust
Liquid ocean
Spacecraft seek out mysterious ocean under frozen surface of Pluto.
Alumni Updates
Artie Konrad
Dream job at Facebook
Psychology Ph.D. joins “social good” team at social media powerhouse.
Coffee cup
Java slugs
UC Santa Cruz alumni perk up the coffee scene.
Featured Events
Hack UCSC 2017, hackucsc.edu, January 20–22
Alumni Weekend 2017, April 28–30, this weekend is for you, come home
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Alumni Regional Events
San Francisco – Tuesday, December 13
San Francisco Happy Hour at West of Pecos
Sacramento – Wednesday, December 14
Sacramento Holiday Party at Nido—Slow Food on R Street
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UC Santa Cruz Magazine
Natural allies
The renaming of College Eight to Rachel Carson College highlights UC Santa Cruz’s eco-activism.
Bronze pour
Liquid alchemy
UC Santa Cruz is home to the last foundry in the UC system.
The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz
Alison Galloway, campus provost and executive vice chancellor, sitting in a tractor
Backhoe to the future
Renovations begin for UC Santa Cruz’s beloved Quarry Amphitheater.
Marieke Rothschild (left) and Miriam Ellis (right)
Playing it forward
Alumna honors mentor with $250,000 Miriam Ellis International Playhouse endowment.
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