This month: Faculty stand up for experiential education

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Faculty stand up for experiential education


The faculty of UCSC's Environmental Studies Program have put their money where their hearts are—every single faculty member has opened his or her own wallet to launch a fundraiser for experiential education courses. [More]

UCSC to have an alumni Regent: The campus will have a voice at the table in these uncertain times. In case you missed the news, read more »

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Marti Noxon

Images of protest: Alumna Bridgette Auger caught video footage of women activists in Egypt's Tahrir Square last month when they came under fire during a clash between protesters and police. [More]

$2 million grant

Teacher prep: Education researchers at UC Santa Cruz won a $2 million grant to prepare teachers who help English learners. [More]

OMG it's December: But there's still time to make a tax-deductible gift to UC Santa Cruz and receive credit for it on your fiscal year 2011 tax statement. [More]

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