Native American Heritage Month

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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 

Native American Heritage Month, observed annually in November, provides our campus community with the opportunity to recognize, learn about, and celebrate the first inhabitants of our country including the Uypi Tribe of the Awaswas Nation, who called the land on which our campus sits home long before it was UC Santa Cruz.  more »

  • Rhamnus californica Coffeeberry, Puruuric. Buckthorn Family (Rhamnaceae)November 23, 2021

    Reviving deep-rooted knowledge

    The Amah Mutsun Relearning Program at the Arboretum & Botanic Garden aims to assist the tribe's efforts in cultural revitalization, recuperation and relearning of dormant cultural knowledge, and environmental justice.

  • IndigeThanx this year will feature a conversation and cooking demonstration led by VincentNovember 16, 2021

    Widening the spectrum of gratitude with IndigeThanx

    IndigeThanx, an annual event sponsored by UC Santa Cruz’s American Indian Resource Center and Cowell Coffee Shop, offers an alternative to Thanksgiving.

  • Portrait of Professor Caitlin KeliiaaNovember 5, 2021

    Talk to focus on subpar treatment of Native women with tuberculosis

    Caitlin Keliiaa, a historian and assistant professor, will be presenting her talk, “Settler Colonialism is a Sickness: How Federal Indian Health Failed Native Women,” a discussion on the young Native women who contracted TB, but received subpar treatment—or no help at all—due to their ethnicity.

  • Book cover featuring a painting of people outside a traditional Indigenous dwellingOctober 26, 2021

    Reclaiming Coast Miwok history through Indigenous interpretations of archaeology

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology Tsim Schneider's latest book gathers and interprets archival and archaeological evidence in new ways that combat the erasure of Indigenous peoples from historical narratives.