Disclosing foreign collaborations in research projects

In order to comply with evolving federal regulations related to disclosing foreign collaborations and other support, the Office of Research has updated Cayuse  to include screening questions. These questions are meant to trigger information that needs to be disclosed on all applications and progress reports for projects with federal funding.

When completing a proposal submission in Cayuse, if you check “yes” to any of these questions, no further action is necessary in Cayuse. However, the information regarding a foreign component or other support should then be included in your proposal submission in the other support or bio-sketch sections. Each federal funding agency has specific requirements for disclosing a foreign component or other support, and the Office of Research website has been updated to include links to this information.

Any omission of this information, even if unintentional, may lead to your project not being approved, a delay in approval, or further investigation by federal agencies. Please feel free to contact Interim Vice Chancellor for Research John MacMillan directly, if you have any questions.