Provide feedback on Support Structures for Free Speech and Lawful Protest Proposal

The UC Santa Cruz campus community is encouraged to provide feedback on the Support Structures for Free Speech and Lawful Protest Proposal.

The proposal reflects the cross-section of feedback and operationalizes the call for a more community-centered approach. The proposal includes four groups that will have responsibilities for supporting students’ First Amendment activities and describes how these changes will build upon our past structure by improving transparency, opportunities for listening, and broadening campus engagement.

Over the course of the fall quarter, UC Santa Cruz leaders are consulting with a wide range of campus stakeholders and will utilize this feedback to improve the proposed structure and processes. Every campus community member is invited to provide feedback directly through the linked survey which can be completed anonymously.

The consultation period will conclude on December 10, 2021, the last day of fall quarter. Please submit all feedback to the linked form by that date. Updates to the proposal reflecting the feedback received will be shared in early January 2022 along with a timeline for transitioning to the new structure.