Campus launching Pathways to Retirement program for faculty

UC Santa Cruz is launching a Pathways to Retirement (PTR) program, modeled on successful programs at several other UC campuses.

The program is meant to smooth out the transition process for faculty. The two main components of the program are a faculty emeriti liaison and PTR agreements.

The inaugural liaison will be Don Brenneis, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology. He will be available for confidential meetings with faculty who are thinking about retirement, in order to discuss options and concerns. He can connect faculty to more specialized resources, and he can provide feedback to faculty considering PTR agreements.

PTR agreements are binding agreements that may include pre-retirement and post-retirement benefits in exchange for an agreement to retire on a specific date, and these agreements are negotiated with the department chair and the dean. The formal launch of the PTR program will be in the winter 2021 quarter, and there will be a website with more information and resources available at that time.