Results from COVID-19 employee experiences survey

To: UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff

From: Chancellor Cynthia Larive

In April, I invited all employees to participate in the COVID-19 Employee Experiences Survey. This survey was administered by UC San Diego at no cost to our campus. The goal of the survey was to learn about your experiences during COVID-19 and identify what our campus can do better to support you.

Last week, we received the results of the survey. We had 1,593 surveys submitted, which is a 32% response rate with a 2% margin of error. We had 355 faculty and 1,238 staff responses. In addition to the survey summary report, we also received all the open response comments in an anonymous format not tied to the email of the person submitting the survey. These results have been shared with two of our COVID-19 work groups that are focused on community, morale, and employee resilience. They will review the responses to better inform their recommendations. Additional outreach to employees will take place throughout that process as recommendations are developed and we assess whether we are making progress in areas identified as needing improvement.

I appreciate the time so many of you took to share your thoughts. This is important feedback to hear as we work to improve our support during our COVID-19 recovery and resiliency planning.