Moving Services to Pack and Ship Belongings

To: Housing Group

From: UCSC Student Housing Services

Dear Student,

If you have already left campus and are unable to return to retrieve your belongings personally, you may need to contract with a personal moving service to pack your belongings and ship them to you. Many services are available, and focus on university students who need their rooms packed and their belongings shipped or stored. One option for shipping and/or storage of your belongings is Dormbox*, though there are other moving companies and you are encouraged to research your options.

As stated in our previous communication, students who complete their move-out (i.e. remove all belongings and return any university keys) by April 19 will be eligible for a full refund of any housing and dining fees paid for spring quarter. Anyone who is still in residence after this date, or whose belongings remain in residence, will be charged for the period of time from the start of the quarter to the date their move-out is completed.

If you cannot retrieve your belongings by April 19, Dormbox is available to pack and ship/store your belongings before this deadline. Dormbox is scheduled to be at UCSC this Saturday 4/4 as well as Saturday 4/18 to assist students—students can be present, or not.

Signing up with Dormbox is easy:

1. Register with Dormbox. Provide your name, email, and phone number.
2. Provide Dormbox with information about where you’re living at UCSC.
3. Select a date and time preference for Dormbox to pack your belongings.
4. Complete your order and reserve your time.

Contact Dormbox with any additional questions you may have.

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