Kresge College renovation parking and traffic impacts

To: UC Santa Cruz campus community

From: Dan Henderson, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Campus will begin construction on the renovation and refresh of Kresge College at the end of August. The project is scheduled to continue through 2023. This exciting project will add a new academic building and residence halls to the college; refurbish existing 50-year-old buildings with more durable materials; maintain the college's unique architectural style and color; and make Kresge more accessible for those with disabilities. 

However, with construction, there will be impacts to parking and roads in the area. See below for key dates and closures. Thank you all in advance for your patience as this exciting project comes to life:

Aug. 26: Fencing will be erected around the work area. This will include Lot 142, which will be repurposed as part of the foundation for the new academic building, and thus will no longer be available for parking. 

Aug. 29: Lots 142, 143 and 147 will be closed 7-9 a.m. for fire-hydrant testing. All lots must be clear of cars and will not be accessible to any traffic during this time. 

Sept. 3-19: Porter Kresge Road will be closed to the public from Lot 143 to North Perimeter Lot 150. 

The lower segment of Porter Kresge Road from Heller Drive (the Porter entrance) to Lot 143 still will be accessible to the public, and North Perimeter Lot 150 will be accessible via upper Heller Drive, north of McLaughlin. Large vehicles and trucks will be utilizing the lower road and may block traffic as they enter or exit Kresge. Flaggers will be directing traffic if trucks block a portion of the road for a period of time.

Sept. 20: Porter Kresge Road temporarily reopens for student for move-in weekend.

Sept. 21-25: Lot 145 will be closed to the public through April 2021; portions of Lot 143 will be closed to the public through April 2021.

Oct. 15 to April 2021: Porter Kresge Road from Lot 143 to North Perimeter Lot 150 once again will be closed to the public. Only construction and emergency vehicles will have access. 

For more details about the project, visit the Kresge special report in the online campus newscenter.

For questions about the project, contact project coordinators Tanya Guerrera or Jolie Kerns

TAPS will continue to post traffic and parking-impact updates related to this project on our website and on social media. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for alerts and updates.