Protect yourself as influenza spreads in Santa Cruz

This year we are seeing many people sick with influenza in Santa Cruz.  In California, influenza is widespread.

Influenza is an illness which causes the abrupt onset of very high fever, all over body aches and fatigue.  Sometimes it also causes cold symptoms but the most common symptoms are high fever and a dry cough.  Typically the fever lasts 3 to 7 days.  The dry cough and fatigue can persist for several weeks. 

The best way to protect yourself is to get a flu shot.  Flu shots are available for students at the Student Health Center and for faculty and staff at your health care provider’s office or at most pharmacies.  We know that this year the flu shot is not completely effective at preventing the strain of flu. We also know that even with this less effective vaccination, people who got the vaccination were less sick and recovered more quickly when exposed to influenza.

If you have not had your flu shot it is not too late!  Please make every effort to get your vaccination. 

You can also protect yourself from sickness by washing your hands frequently and covering you cough. 

If you are sick with fever and cough, we recommend you voluntarily self-isolate until fever free for 24 hours (off of anti-fever medication) to lessen the spread of the virus to others.  Please do not go to class, dining hall, ride the bus or go to work until your fever has resolved for a full day.

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