UC Santa Cruz ranks among top 100 U.S. universities

US News and World Report badge

UC Santa Cruz is among the top 100 national universities, according to the latest rankings by U.S. News and World Report.

The campus ranked No. 81 in a list of the top national universities and No. 33 in a list of the top public universities.

UC Santa Cruz came in at No. 9 on a list focused on campus ethnic diversity at national universities. The ethnic breakdown of the campus’s undergraduate enrollment is approximately 30 percent Chicano/Latino, 27 percent Asian, and 4 percent African American.

UC Santa Cruz came in at No. 44 on the list of best colleges for veterans.

The rankings, according to US News and World Report, are meant to let readers to compare the relative quality of U.S. institutions based on such widely accepted indicators of excellence as first-year student retention and graduation rates and the strength of the faculty.