ITS Security Alert: Email Scam from - April 25

This morning many of you received an email scam asking you to click on a secure "staff enrollment portal" link to enroll your employment data. View copy of scam.

This was a tricky scam because it looked pretty legit being from an account. However, there are a few details that identify this message as a scam:

1) Hard to tell who the message is really from. No one to contact if you have questions.
2) Never click on a link that you are unfamiliar with. Hover your mouse over the hyperlink to see the full url address.
3) Misspelling!
4) Never respond to an email asking you for your personal or employment information.

Thank you to those people who immediately reported this scam to ITS. Sometimes an email message just doesn't look right. Go with your gut - report no matter what!

For more information about how to identify and report a phishing scam visit:

If you have questions, please submit an IT Request ticket at, or contact the ITS Support Center by email, telephone 459-HELP(4357), or in-person Kerr Hall Room 54.

Thank you.