'UCSC Mobile' puts campus tools and information on one mobile-friendly site

UCSC Mobile works like an app but is a mobile-device friendly web page that brings together commonly used campus information and resources into one easily accessible package.

Ever wish you had all of UC Santa Cruz’s useful references together in one mobile-friendly site? Tired of going to one site for the Campus Directory, another for news, and a third for maps? If so, then you are way too interested in UCSC, but good news, the new UCSC Mobile app is for you!

UCSC Mobile is for our campus community. The goal is to put the tools and information you need every day into one easily accessible package. The app is entirely online–just follow the link, no app to download.

Bookmark our home page for quick access to tools like the campus directory, campus maps, news and event feeds, emergency information, and links for getting help with IT, facilities, or housing and dining issues.

We have pages with library information, a staff toolkit, a faculty toolkit, and links to popular sites like employment at UCSC and the giving site for philanthropists.

There is also a feedback form where you can tell us what's missing. We plan to expand UCSC Mobile, building out features that people tell us they need. Want to see class schedules here? More maps? Current shuttle and bus locations? (We're working on that one.) Let us know, and one day it will appear!

View UCSC Mobile by going to mobile.ucsc.edu