Time to Purchase 2014-15 Student Parking Permits

To: UCSC Undergrads

From: Larry Pageler, Transportation and Parking Services Director

Undergraduate students who are eligible for parking may now pre-order their 2014-15 permit by using the on-line application at http://basx2.ucsc.edu/application14/.
There are no fee increases at this time.
Please keep in mind that certain types of permits (especially C permits) do sell out. Applying now will increase your chance of getting the permit you want. If you request that your permit be mailed to you, you can avoid waiting in line next fall. We mail student permits out beginning the last week of August and through the first week of September. To receive your permit by mail during that two-week window, be sure to select "Mail To Residential Address" in the Delivery Options section of the application. Otherwise, you can pick your permit up when you arrive on campus in September.
If you're considering whether you need a car on campus, check out Zipcar, UCSC's car-sharing program. Students 18 and over can rent cars on an hourly or daily basis. Members have access to nineteen vehicles -- ten on campus and nine in the City of Santa Cruz, 24 hours per day. For detailed information, visit http://www.zipcar.com/ucsc/.
If you choose to drive your car to campus, consider sharing your ride. Zimride, a ride-matching program that is exclusive to the UCSC community, makes it easy to find other students who want to carpool. By carpooling, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save on expenses, including the cost of an R or C Carpool parking permit. For more information, go to http://zimride.ucsc.edu.