Instruction during scheduled labor strike on April 2-3, 2014

To: UCSC Faculty

From: Alison Galloway, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

As Chancellor Blumenthal and I communicated last Thursday, the United Auto Workers union — representing teaching assistants — has informed the university of its intention to hold a systemwide labor strike on Wednesday and Thursday, April 2-3. At this time we do not know the extent of these planned activities or how they may impact our campus.

The university balances the rights of employees to strike with the rights of the university to maintain its operations and the rights of students, campus residents, and other recipients of university services to pursue their activities without hindrance.

Academic employees are expected to perform their research and instruction consistent with Regents Orders. Rescheduling or relocation of classes must accommodate the needs of all students in the class and follow departmental practice. Students may experience difficulty finding transportation onto campus or off campus to other locations. Patience and understanding about their experiences is requested.

Campus residents may be delayed at the entrances. I appreciate that this activity causes inconvenience and distress for many of our faculty residents and their families. Please check the campus home page or go directly to a strike information web site prior to traveling to and from the campus those days.

I appreciate your efforts during this time, and I remain hopeful that the differences between the union and the UC system can be resolved soon. Questions should be directed to your department or program chair.