UCSC in the News

History professor Dana Frank contributed an article to The Nation revealing how new Wikileaks cables show that US-funded troops in Honduras have been collaborating with a known drug trafficker in his private army's war against campesinos in that country. Frank was interviewed about that story for Britain’s national daily newspaper, The Guardian; as well as for Free Speech Radio News (nationally syndicated); TeleSURTV Venezuela (Latin American TV), KPFT (Houston, Galveston); and KPFA (Berkeley).

The New York Times quoted Michael McCawley, UCSC associate director of admissions, when he and three other UC admissions officers spoke of their decision processes as part of a College Board panel in New York City.

Physicist David Smith was quoted in a Science news story about research on the physics of thunderstorms.

Biologist James Estes was featured in a Science News article about how the removal of top predators affects ecosystems.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal ran a story about students at the Baskin School of Engineering who are working on challenges presented by Silicon Valley companies for their senior design projects.

A GeekWire blogger at the SC11 supercomputing conference recounted how computer scientist Ethan Miller tested his Jeopardy skills against IBM's Watson supercomputer and trounced the computer, which had made headlines earlier this year with its victory over Jeopardy champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote two advance notices on the open house held by the UCSC Museum of Natural History Collections.

Articles about the second annual Morton Marcus Memorial Poetry Reading and sneak preview exhibit of the new Morton Marcus Poetry Archive at McHenry Library’s Special Collections appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Santa Cruz Weekly, Good Times, KUSP,  santacruzpatch.com, paloaltopatch.com, and campbellpatch.com

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a feature story about A Year with Frog and Toad, the holiday collaboration between Shakespeare Santa Cruz and the Theater Arts Department, including quotes from department chair David Cuthbert.  

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that History of Art and Visual Culture assistant professor Derek Conrad Murray contributed to the popular new book by MSNBC correspondent and novelist Touré, Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?: What it Means to be Black Now.

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