Fall Quarter greetings

To: UCSC Community

From: Chancellor Blumenthal

Welcome to Fall Quarter 2010! If move-in is any indication, we're off to a great start.

My wife, Kelly, and I spent an afternoon greeting students and their family members, and the excitement was palpable. Talking with parents, I was struck by the number of UCSC alumni whose children are enrolling this fall. That's a strong endorsement as we celebrate our 45th year.

We also begin this year with a new Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC), Professor Alison Galloway. Alison is an accomplished scholar and an experienced manager, and I am extremely pleased that she has agreed to help lead this campus as the CP/EVC.

I'm relieved to report that there appears to be some movement in Sacramento toward a state budget. I will of course keep the campus informed about those developments and what they may mean for UCSC.

Before we close the book on summer, I must share a few highlights. I had the pleasure of accompanying astronomer Jerry Nelson to Norway, where he received the Kavli Prize in Astrophysics, widely considered the "Nobel Prize of astronomy." I felt great pride as an image of our campus entrance filled the screen and the King of Norway presented the prize. The Kavli is a powerful reminder of the quality of UCSC's people and programs.

Our students continue to excel. Most recently, five doctoral candidates and one June graduate won prestigious Fulbright fellowships for overseas study this year.

Finally, the campus set a new record for sponsored research awards, raising an impressive $148 million in 2009-10. These funds directly support the research mission of the university by supporting graduate students and paying for equipment and materials that ultimately enrich the educational environment for everyone. Congratulations to all who helped reach this milestone.

Looking ahead, we are updating the UCSC web site. Check out our new home page, and watch as new pages are unveiled throughout the year. If you have an iPhone, download the new UC Santa Cruz app! And keep an eye out for CP/EVC Galloway and me. We look forward to interacting with many of you as the year unfolds. Until then, you can always write to me directly at chancellor@ucsc.edu.


George Blumenthal